Frequently Asked Questions

The restrictions are listed in the Terms of Service. All Customers must agree to the terms before renting a dumpster.

If you fill up the dumpster early we can simply pick it up early in most cases. If you still have more debirs that needs to be removed, for an additional fee. We can pick up the dumpster, empty it and bring it back, pending availability.

If you were to exceed the weight limit, we charge an overage fee at the rate of $70 per ton. We will pro-rate the overage based on the actual weight over. For example, if allowed 4,000 pounds and you put 5,000 pounds. You would be charged for the extra 1,000 pounds.

Many types of waste can be calculated online via Google. Most general household items, junk, and general construction debris (dry wood, sheetrock etc..) not including bricks, concrete, dirt or other high-density items generally works out to near the allowed weight for our dumpster size.

Yes, we do allow shingles. There is a limit on the total weight our equipment can pick up. As per the terms, you are responsible for any overage fees if you exceed the weight limit allowed. Always feel free to call and discuss your dumpster rental needs with us.

We always try and accommodate the needs of our customers. Since we are a smaller business, it is always best to reach out as soon as you know you need additional time as we book dumpster rentals on a first come first serve basis. If no one has rented the dumpster following your rental, we can usually extend your rental length for an additional fee.

We strive to provide excellent customer service. If you would like to let us know as well as other potential customers, please leave us reviews using the following links. We greatly appreciate your effort to let us know how we did!
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We do not offer this service, with one exception listed below. The disposing of oil, paint and hazardous chemicals take special licensing and insurance, in addition to the extra time and money.


To dispose of oil, brake fluid or hydraulic fluid. Take it to your local Orielly’s or Autozone stores as they have a collection container in the back where they collect the oil. This is a FREE recycling service they offer as businesses can actually turn around and sell used oil to recyclers if they are able to collect enough of it.


To dispose of paint or other household chemicals responsibly, look up your local municipal or county recycling facility. Businesses can not recycle at these facilities but residents can, your tax dollars paid for it.


To dispose of paint (the exception), leave the paint can open to let it dry out completely. If there is a lot of paint, we recommend buying a paint drying chemical powder sold at most home remodeling and hardware stores and mixing it with the paint to dry it out. We will ONLY take paint if it is dried out (completely dried and rock hard) and the lid is removed.

While it is preferred you or another adult is there at the time of drop off to ensure proper placement of the dumpster to your needs. It is not required, as long as you signed the terms & conditions and paid for the rental with a credit card on file.

No. As long as we have unrestricted access to the dumpster (its not behind a locked gate, or a gate with a code we don’t have the code to, vehicles blocking, etc..) nobody has to be there.

No. Please do not fill the dumpster past the top of the walls. This is mostly due to safety concerns. We have to be able to tarp the dumpster and keep all the contents from falling out while we are driving down the freeway and we are not able to properly do this when you go higher than the sides. Also, when you overfill the dumpster, we get charged more at the disposal site because we are dumping more trash (either by volume or weight, depending on the landfill), which then gets passed onto you.